The Reasons Why Young People Should Vote


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Young people are known for not using their vote. It is becoming too much of an occurrence in today’s society. Millennials take up nearly 50% of the population that can vote in the US, but they are amongst the lowest in groups that actually use that vote. Whether that is down to laziness or that they don’t think it affects them. But young people should vote, and here are the reasons why:

The Young Vote is Hugely Influential

Young voter participation reached a record high 52% in America at the 2008 election. We have unfortunately seen declining numbers since then, despite millennials almost making up 50% of the voter pool. Before long, millennials will be the largest voting group in America. Their vote will be the most important in deciding elections, but they have to take advantage of it.

young people should vote

Every Single Vote Counts

A popular reason that young people will give when they are asked why they didn’t vote is that “my vote doesn’t matter”. This is categorically untrue. There were reports that before the 2016 election, millennials were impressed by neither candidates. Unfortunately, America seems more divided than ever. In order to get solidarity, people need to use their political vote.

Young People Were the Most Affected by the Recession

The world was – unfortunately – hit by a recession in 2008. One of the groups that was hit hard by this was young people. College debt combined with a lack of jobs meant that the financial future of a lot of young people was thrown in jeopardy. While things have steadily got better since the financial turmoil, it is still important to remember. Young people need to go and vote so that they can ensure their futures.

young people should vote

Young People Should Vote: Diversity

Millennials are considered one of the most diverse voting groups there is. Not only do we all come from different backgrounds and upbringings, but in our views as well. Some political experts have even said that the diversity of millennials may challenge the two party system in the USA. Politics works best when everyone’s opinion is heard.

More Educated Voters

It has been too easy for past generations to not vote and give the excuse that they don’t know enough about the candidates. But in this modern world, that excuse doesn’t cut it anymore. With the internet available to us at any given moment, we are able to access a world of information. You are able to look up what each candidate is saying and standing for instantly.

young people should vote

Think About Your Future

You might not care about politics now, but think about your future. The person that is elected is going to influence your life in some shape or form. You want to ensure that you and your loved ones have the brightest possible future. Don’t ignore using your vote and then complain when someone is elected. Get out there and be the change you can be.

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